Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cottontail..

and you know what that means..the week is half-way over!

This weekend is not only St. Patrick's Day, but it's also Mother's Weekend for Zeta! I wish it would have been on a different weekend because St. Patrick's Day is also Tim's birthday, but no biggie. Sleep will not be my friend this weekend!

In light of all of this wonderful warm weather we are getting (I hope you are too :) ) Here are some things that make me excited about spring...

Leprechaun Lunch-how adorable is this? If I were teaching, and when I start, I would bag this up individually for my students to let them enjoy at the end of the day while reading a fun Leprechaun book! I love holidays!

Spring means lots of bold and bright colors, which means PINK! In my opinion, pink is beautiful all year 'round, but Spring is when we can take out our pretty pink dresses, cardigans, and shorts :)

this whole picture just makes me happy. I need to make some pretty decorations like this for my apartment-if I only had the time. This was made by Not So Idle Hands. Check out all of her cute crafts!

Cheeky Little Bunny. With bunny ears. ON SALE.
Oh, this picture just warms my heart. How can you not smile?
Spring= Easter.
Easter= pretty church dresses, great food, easter egg hunts, and also THE EASTER BUNNY!
I may be a tad too old, but yes the Easter Bunny still comes to visit me every Sunday morning before church. :)



  1. Ah! I love that Leprechaun Lunch!! Great idea.

  2. so glad i found your blog today!! i am excited to read and catch up on everything i have missed! ill be stopping by more often, i am your newest follower!

  3. I want those earrings!!
    Cute blog!


  4. oh my gosh that little bunny tutu is way too cute!!

  5. I love those pink earrings! And that little Easter Bunny tutu is too precious! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. This post makes me want to start crafting and have a baby girl so I can put her in a bunny tutu! LOVE it!

  7. Look how cute that little bunny tutu is! Oh my gosh, precious!!

  8. That little baby bunny is too cute for words!

  9. That Leprechaun Lunch is adorable!! I'll definitely have to keep that idea in mind for the classroom! Cute earrings too!